About A.I. Friedman

For over 80 years A.I. Friedman has serviced the artist community with the finest in artist materials, graphic art supplies and framing materials. Over the past several years, we have made substantial investments in new communication systems, computer systems, facilities and people, all in an effort to grow to the level we are today and beyond. We began in 1929 in the retail sign making and art supply industry. Today, A.I. Friedman has grown to be one of the largest independent dealers in art materials, graphic art supply and office products.

A.I. Friedman competes in two primary markets, both Commercial and Retail.


Misunderstood by many to mean wholesale, the commercial division sells to an end user, however, the user is at a corporate level. The typical customer is an advertising agency, publisher, architect, graphic design firm or the in-house art department of a corporation. In this segment, A. I. Friedman is the clear leader in terms of market share in the New York metropolitan market.

We reach our customer through a professional, outside sales staff supported by a customer service department and distribution facilities. The print A. I. Friedman Catalog is geared towards these customers. Our product mix, in broad terms, consists of traditional art materials, computer graphics equipment and supplies, office products, framing and reprographic supplies.

Strategic Positioning

A. I. Friedman views its commercial business strategically as a service business rather than a distribution business. Although we earn our income by distributing product, our primary task is to sell the service of art supplies rather than the product. Our customer focus is narrowly defined to those creating commercial art while our product mix is broadly defined to encompass most anything that customer might need. This strategic positioning leads to a culture within A. I. Friedman that is clearly customer focused. Getting the customer what they need when they need it, and supplying helpful information and advice is our goal.


A. I. Friedman currently operates two specialty retail facilities. Our Manhattan store is a 12,000 square foot industry leader serving the art and design community of the city.

Our Port Chester store, in Westchester County, New York is a 30,000 square foot department store for creative people specializing in fine art materials, floral, crafts, stationery and framing.

Strategic Positioning

A. I. Friedman is a specialty retailer in a niche market that has wide variances by geography and demographics. The common element is creativity, however, the definition of creativity varies greatly from one location to another. As a result, each store is very different in its product mix and store design. However, like our commercial business, our retail business combines the systems and standardization necessary to control inventory and operate while being flexible to target the specific needs of the local market in which it operates.

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