Princeton Artist Brush Co.

Princeton Artist Brush began as a small brush business started by Howard Kaufman in Princeton, New Jersey. Offering a wide selection of traditional brushes and even Digital Brushes, Princeton understands the needs of artists. Choose from Oil Brushes, Watercolor Brushes, and more. Princeton Brushes have many different shapes including Fan, Filbert, Round, & Flat. Brush handle sizes include long handle, short handle. Find complementary Princeton Brush Sets as well.


Princeton Artist Brush Co.

Series 6100 White Synthetic Bristle Brush


Princeton Catalyst Silicone Blades


Princeton Catalyst Wedges


Princeton Kolinsky Sable Brushes


Princeton Series 4000 Synthetic Sable Brushes


Princeton Series 4350 Golden Synthetic Brushes


Princeton Series 5200 Chinese Bristle Brush


Princeton Series 6200 Umbria™ Synthetic Brushes


Princeton Series 6300 Synthetic Bristle Brush


Princeton Series 6400 Catalyst Assortment Bristle


Series 3750 Synthetic Brushes


Series 4050 Synthetic Sable Brushes


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